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From Julián García <>
Subject Re: PhaseListener Doubts
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 22:37:55 GMT

I included this in my config xml


within the application tag....but now it doesn't print anything at 
all!.....what could be wrong.....

Thanks in advance

Bruno Aranda wrote:
> It seems that the PhaseListener is being registered several times.
> Have you added the faces-config.xml in the javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES
> context parameter in the web.xml file? If so, you should remove that,
> as the faces-config.xml file is parsed by default, so it is not
> necessary to add it again in this context parameter, as it will be
> parsed twice (and your phase listener added again). You should check
> that your component is registering only once when the application
> starts up.
> Regards,
> Bruno
> 2005/12/13, Julián García <>:
>>This is a basic question. I am just finishing a PhaseListener to be
>>executed after the RENDER_RESPONSE phase. I add the listener to all my
>>beans by executing the following code after setting all the properties
>>that are configured in the faces-config:
>>LifecycleFactory factory =
>>        Lifecycle lifecycle =
>>        lifecycle.addPhaseListener(new AccessDecicionManagerPhaseListener());
>>At the moment, my PhaseListener just prints the url of the page to be
>>accessed, but the weird thing is that it is printing the urls several times.
>>For instance, if i access seguridad/permiso/listadoPermiso.jsp then it
>>prints.... /seguridad/permiso/listadoPermiso.jsp 7 times. Is this
>>normal? Does this depend on the number of components? Beans referenced
>>in the page? How can I force it to print the url just once?.
>>Thanks for Help.

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