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From Aleksei Valikov <>
Subject Re: layout components
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 15:49:56 GMT

> What layout components are there besides panelGrid and dataTable (and
> its variants?)  We are about to switch to HTML tables simply so we can
> use a "colspan".  Aren't there any more advanced JSF components for layout?

I've written a templated panel component that uses HTML-based templates 
to render its facets. Functions quite similar to Tapestry/Facelets. In 
an HTML template, you just mark some elements with the "hefid" attribute 
and on rendering these elements will be replaced with the results of 
rendering the corresponding facet of the component.

	<td width="20%"> <span hefid="City.label">City</span> / <span 
hefid="PostCode.label">PLZ</span> </td>
	<td width="40%">
		<span hefid="City.editor">
	<td width="40%">
		<span hefid="PostCode.editor">


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