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From Yannick Le Teigner <>
Subject Re: Drilldown type app. without session bean?
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 13:27:22 GMT
Simon, you just pointed out my mistake!
I was using:

getRequestMap().put("#{User}", new User(id));
While I really should have bean using:
getRequestMap().put("User", new User(id));

Notice, the "EL" notation.. As you said, this last line is equivalent to 
below line when you use request beans:

ValueBinding binding = ctx.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{User}");
binding.setValue(ctx, new User(id));

Thanks for the help!

> Just FYI, using
>  getRequestMap().put("User", new User(id));

 > should be the same as the above code. The expression evaluator simply 
looks in request, session
 > and application scopes for an entry of the specified name. If not 
found, then it looks for a
 > managed bean declaration and instantiates as described earlier. 
However as long as you've got
 > something working, that's the important bit :-).

> Cheers,
> Simon

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