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From tony kerz <>
Subject obtaining "real" url after navigation rules
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 05:10:52 GMT
i'm having an issue attempting to apply the spring based acegi security 
layer to myfaces.

basically, acegi seeks to apply a servlet filter to each page navigated 
to and apply a set of security rules to either grant or deny access to 
that page.

the issue that i'm encountering is that the servlet filter always seems 
to be one url behind the page that i'm on (and thus the desired security 
functionality is sadly lacking).

i tried reversing the order of the extensions filter and the acegi 
filter and that had no effect.

any insight appreciated.

in lieu of a direct solution to this issue, my next strategy may be to 
attempt to grab the "correct" url programatically and pass it to over to 
acegi, so any suggestions on ways to go after that via faces context 
would also be welcomed.

i already tried looking in HttpServletRequest obtained from the external 
context, and sadly, it was one url behind as well :(


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