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From Kurt Edegger <>
Subject Re: Bean definition question faces-config.xml
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 03:54:20 GMT
Thank you for your fast response!

on 12/6/2005 7:39 PM Simon Kitching stated:
> [...snip...]
> This is definitely not a feature of the JSF specification, and MyFaces 
> can't add any new tags to the faces-config.xml file without violating 
> the spec.
Ok, short and precise answer ;)
> [...snip...] 
> You can also do initialisation after all the properties have been set. 
> See the FAQ entry "How do I know when a managed bean's properties have 
> all been set?".
There's a method called initDao() in the class which should be 
overwritten in a case you need to init a DAO (which is the case in my 
But this one is not called by JSF right? So I'd need to use spring to 
construct the bean?

Thank you for pointing to the FAQ - missed that one ..

Take care, Kurt
>> Or is possible to use/reference Spring beans in faces-config.xml?
> Any managed-property like:
>   <managed-property>
>     <name>foo</name>
>     <value>#{someValue}</value>
>   </managed-property>
> simply looks for a key "someValue" in the request, session and 
> application scopes. So if your spring bean is stored in one of those 
> maps then it will be passed to the managed bean on creation.
> Regards,
> Simon

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