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From Catalin Kormos <>
Subject Re: t:dataTable, t:dataScroller and large datasets
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 06:59:17 GMT
Thanks Simon for your reply.
  It sounds trivial, but i can't get it to work. I can't seem to find the  place where to
store the sorted column's name and the sorting type,  ascent/descent. Looks like every time
the data is fetched out before  the sorting options are established, or the first sorting
change  doesn't have any affect, like, I do click on a column, but the sorting  doesn't take
place, then i use the data scroller to move to another  page to see that the sorting did happen....
I would greatly appreciate  an advice.

Simon Kitching <> wrote:  Catalin Kormos wrote:
> Hi there,
> Did any of you guys successfuly managed to use this approach also with 
>  to allow sorting the pages data by columns?
> It doesn't look trivial to me...just let me know if it is realy. If not 
> i would realy appreciate a wiki page covering this also.

It is trivial. Sorting with the "paging" approach suggested in the wiki 
works just like sorting with a complete in-memory list.

As long as the method that is invoked to return the specified dataset 
returns the requested data block in the requested order, it all "just 



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