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From Kasper Hansen <>
Subject WARN [HtmlLabelRenderer]
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 07:42:19 GMT
I get this warning:
08:28:10,484 WARN  [HtmlLabelRenderer] Unable to find component 
'documentTitle' (calling findComponent on component 'form1:_id21')

In fact I get it on all my labels! But I do not understand what the error 
means, since there is a component with id documentTitle. I'm I reading the 
error msg. wrong? Please can anyone help me..

Best regards, Kasper

this is my jsf code (I know the td isn't good coding..):

						<td class="formCell">
							<h:outputLabel for="documentTitle">
								<h:outputText id="documentTitleLabel" value="#{msg.docTitleLabel}" />
								<h:outputText id="documentTitleLabelFreeText" 
value="#{msg.freeText}" />
							<h:inputText id="documentTitle" tabindex="8" styleClass="textField" 
value="#{searchPage.documentTitle}" required="false">
								<f:validateLength minimum="0" maximum="50"/>
							</h:inputText><br />
							<span class="elementError"><h:message for="documentTitle" /></span>

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