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From Yee CN <>
Subject RE: JSF flaw
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 15:40:21 GMT
As a reference in ASP.NET state saving is always at the client - there is no
option to save in server. Somehow M'soft managed to get the framework
running at very decent speed. I am wondering whether we can achieve some of
the efficiencies in ASP.NET.

Some of the 'good' things that I observed are:
- The viewstate of a component is not saved automatically, you need to
configured explicitly whether a component is to participate in ViewState.

- Value binding is not offered, which means component values are set
programmatically. However it also means that programmer has much more
control over the binding of data to the components. For example a dataTable
will NOT be regenerated twice on every postback. In you can
configure to save its viewstate and forget about it altogether until the
user click something that requires refreshing the table data.

I have contemplated forging value binding altogether and adopt a more
ASP.NET style of doing JSF. I like to hear what you Guru have to say about


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From: Travis Reeder [] 
Sent: Thursday, 1 December 2005 6:17 AM
To: MyFaces Discussion
Subject: Re: JSF flaw

That is great to hear about the window id!  I brought this exact thing
up a long time ago calling it windowScope or frameScope. It's one of
those must have things like the back button support.


On 10/9/05, Simon Kitching <> wrote:
> Just for anyone who might be interested, I was reading the JSF 1.2 spec
> today, and it has created a thing called a "window id" in addition to a
> "view id". This might be aimed at better support for exactly this sort
> of problem. Of course that spec isn't finalised yet (nor implemented).
> Andrew robinson wrote:
> > What is your state saving method? You probably have your state saved to
> > the server, it will only remember the state from the last post, and
> > therefore you will not be able to post from past pages. Best thing to do
> > is set your state saving method to client.
> >
> > -Andrew
> >
> > On 10/9/05, *Dave* < <>>
> >
> >     Hello,
> >     I have a problem with JSF which seems to be a JSF flaw. Any idea is
> >     appreciated.
> >
> >     suppose I have JSF page A, when user click a link in page A, a page
> >     B is opened in a new window. At this moment, the server side JSF
> >     view root is page B. If user click submit button in page A, all form
> >     data(not submitted yet) will be lost in page A because JSF think it
> >     is an initial request and goes to render phase immediately(no model
> >     update). From user's view, it is a post back to submit data.
> >
> >     Popping up a new window is very common . Any idea to solve this
> >     problem? or It is JSF, no way.  Thanks!
> >
> >     Dave
> >
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