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From Andrew robinson <>
Subject Re: Generic redirection screen
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 16:40:59 GMT
Not to question your design, but why have an extra page and make the
user wait for a post back. Instead of a redirection, just add "Your
order was completed successfully" as a FacesMessage with no associated
component, then on every page on your site, have a messages tag to
show all non-component messages. That way, all pages that are loaded
after your change will show the "all is well" message. The user can
then immediately get back to work, and not have to wait for another
post back and you also won't have to worry about browsers supporting
the meta-refresh tag.

Just a thought,

On 11/2/05, Robert Parsons <> wrote:
> Hi,
> In past non-faces applications I have had a simple method in my
> controlling servlet that would automatically display a screen with a
> given message before redirecting to some given page. Something like this:
> ...
> displayRedirect("Your order was completed successfully", "index.jsp");
> In my JSF application I have navigation-rules for each outcome and a
> sepparate view for each message. So for the example above i'd have
> something like:
>         <navigation-case>
>             <from-outcome>complete</from-outcome>
>             <to-view-id>/order_complete.xhtml</to-view-id>
>         </navigation-case>
> The 'order_complete.xhtml' page would have the message "Your order was
> completed successfully" and then a timed redirect to some other page.
> I'm not completley stupid and am using a template (btw i'm using
> facelets too) for all the redirection pages, but I'm still having to
> create a page for each outcome.
> Is there some nice way I can achieve this kind of behaviour without
> making an individual view for all the messages?
> Any comments welcome.
> Thanks,
> -Robert.

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