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From Mirko Sertic <>
Subject "Lookup" navigation and it's best way
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 21:28:46 GMT

I'm searching for the best way to configure/develop some "looup"
navigation. What i'm trying to do is the following, for instance :

A single page about an order. Here can the user enter global
informations like date, customer and so now. On the same page is a
table with orderpositions. Now, i wan't the user to select a
product on another page. Here can the user select an existing
product or add a new product to the product base. After the user
selects a product, he will be returned to the order page, and
the product is added to the list of ordered products. Now,
the user can click "save" and everything is committed to the db.

This example has the following challanges :

a ) A "user" / business transaction with more than one page and a
     complex application flow

b ) A single ACID database transaction with error handling etc.

c ) An application flow memory. A kind of wizard dialog to collect
     order informations.

d ) Handle the double / concurrent form submit problem

What would be the best way to so something like that with MyFaces,
Hibernate and Spring or Hivemind ? I've done such things with
Struts, some filters, session variables and and and. Are there any
build in components in MyFaces available to perform such a task
out of the box ?



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