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From Galen Dunkleberger <>
Subject Re: Issue with MyFacesGenericPortlet
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 00:34:13 GMT
I also posted this question on the JBoss Portal forum and Julien, the JBoss
Portal project lead, said he also came across this issue and doesn't seem to
know what is causing it so I'm thinking it might be a MyFaces issue. So now
my question is would it be wrong to check for a null viewId in the
processAction method of the MyFacesGenericPortlet and if it's null perform
the same actions that occur in the nonFacesRequest method where you create a
new viewRoot and set the viewId to be the default view? Or is there a better

On 10/3/05, Galen Dunkleberger < > wrote:
> Not sure if this is an issue with MyFaces or the JBoss Portal
> implementation so I'll throw it to all of you guys first and see if you've
> ever come across the problem. So I'm using JBoss Portal 2.0.1 RC1 with the
> latest nightly build of MyFaces. If I use the default portal and create a
> new portlet using MyFacesGenericPortlet the interface renders, I can
> navigate to my portlet, everything works great. If I declare a separate
> portal instance within the portal server (so i now have a *-portal.xmlconfiguration file)
and I say I want to use one of my
> MyFacesGenericPortlet's as the default portlet and I navigate to the portal
> using a url like http://localhost:8080/portal/myportal/ i get the
> following exception....
> javax.portlet.PortletException: value must not be null
> 	org.apache.myfaces.portlet.MyFacesGenericPortlet.handleExceptionFromLifecycle(
> 	org.apache.myfaces.portlet.MyFacesGenericPortlet.processAction
> (
> snipped...
> However, if I put the entire url in like this
> http://localhost:8080/portal/myportal/?ctrl:id=page.myportal.myTest it
> once again renders fine. I did some debugging through the code and it seems
> that when I use the first url to navigate to the portal the processAction
> method is called on MyFacesGenericPortlet. It blows up because no viewId has
> been set in the view root. However if I navigate to the portal using the
> second url the nonFacesRequest(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse
> response) method is called which of course sets the viewId of the view root
> and it renders fine.
> So my question is why when trying to navigate to the default page does the
> portal call processAction on MyFacesGenericPortlet? Is this a JBoss Portal
> problem or a MyFacesGenericPortlet problem? Does anyone know a fix for this?
> Thanks

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