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From Ryan Wynn <>
Subject MyFaces 1.1.1 RC3 - Tree2
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 14:58:55 GMT
Tree2 from MyFaces 1.1.1 RC3 seems to behave differently in a portlet 
environment. I have the same application deployed in WebSphere Portal and 
Tomcat.  In Tomcat the actions associated with the tree node links get 
triggered.  In portal, they do not.  Otherwise the application behaves 
correctly in both environments.  BTW, the tree is displayed perfectly and 
I am not getting any javascript errors.

Is there a difference in the way that commandLinks nested within Tree2 are 
submitted such that the MyFacesGenericPortlet/Portlet Container would 
handle them any differently than other commandLinks?

Another interesting difference is that tree is only preserving it expanded 
state in Tomcat environment.  In the portlet environment it resets when 
the page is rendered.

Has anyone experienced this difference in other portals?  Any thoughts on 
what the problem could be?  Thanks for the help.

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