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From Volker Weber <>
Subject Re: [MyFaces] Custom Validator???
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2005 09:31:44 GMT

if i understand you correct, you need to execute updateModelPhase, but
skip validationPhase.

Have you tryed immediate="true", to skip both, in your "Go to Detail"
button and invoke viewRoot.processUpdates() in your "Go to Detail" action?



Rafael Nami wrote:
> Good morning everyone.
> Thank you guys for pointing me out a good solution for the popup thing.
> The current problem is something like this:
> We developed a Wizard-Style to avoid the use of Popups. The flow consists
> in something like this:
> form1->details->back to form1 to confirm the flow.
> The main problem is that we need to go to the details WITHOUT validation
> when the user clicks the "Go to Detail" button, but if the details are
> complete
> and the user clicks the "Complete Process" button, the form1 HAVE to be
> validated.
> Did I have to use/write a custom Validator component to addthis kind of
> behavior?
> Thanks in advance, and Best All
> Rafael Mauricio Nami

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