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From "ir. ing. Jan Dockx" <>
Subject Re: date conversion headache (HELP! URGENT!)
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 20:26:36 GMT
Right, will try that.

But hey, list, I need some more feedback here :-]. This is killing me. 
This cannot be right. I must be doing something wrong.

Ok, here is my reasoning. Please tell me if you agree:

I have a java.util.Date (hence forward called Date). Date doesn't know 
didley about time zones. This date is just 1 september 2005, sec (so 

Now I suppose (please comment !) that JSF convertDateTime is "time 
zone" aware. It finds out somehow that this computer is running in 
Belgium, and that we are (daylight savings time) actually on GMT+2. 
Given no more directions, it seems to want to render the Date in GMT as 
default. So, it says "hey, it's 31 august, 22:00h", presuming that the 
Date it got to render is actually in the time zone of the machine.

When I change the code, and add <f:convertDateTime type="both" 
timeZone="GMT+2" ... />, the converter reasons "I get a Date from time 
zone GMT+2, and this guy wants me to render it in time zone GMT+2", and 
does ok.

Ok, that's all speculation, because I really don't know.

Now the serious issue is that if this is used in an input text. The 
rendering is the same in outputText and inputText. But if a user enters 
"1/9/2005", this actually translates into a Date in the DB that is 
1/9/2005, 00:00h, without the time zone setting, and with the time zone 
setting. (to DB using Hibernate 'date', meaning time part is always 
oo:00h). Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

The net effect is that users enter data ok. Stuff is saved. If later 
they edit other fields of the record, the "day early" value is shown in 
the date inputText. User is not looking there, and is unaware of the 
"feature". The user is focussing on other fields (he only wants to 
correct the last name). He does so, and hits submit. NOW THE DAY EARLY 
VALUE IS BEING WRITTEN TO THE DB!!! And if this is repeated, each time 
the date is counting down.

Ok. This must be a bug, no?
* The time zone stuff is surprising at least. The default should be 
that in all instances a raw Date is interpreted the same, not as GMT in 
one case, and as GMT+2 in another. This can't be in the spec's like 
this, can it?
* If it is in the spec's: I am missing something. It can be necessary 
to repeat the time zone in all tags! Is there a general setting in 
faces-config.xml or web.xml or something I don't know about?
* The inconsistency between parsing and rendering must be a bug, no?

But on the other hand, this is so blatant, and there is nothing on this 
in this mailing list I can remember or find, and I couldn't find 
anything relevant in the JIRA, so it must be me being very tired 
(deployment stress :-$).

I'm getting totally twisted and paranoid. Please set me straight.

On 29 Sep 2005, at 19:11, Matt Blum wrote:

> Try changing the convertDateTime tag thusly:
>  <f:convertDateTime pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" timeZone="CET" />
>  -Matt
> On 9/29/05, Jan Dockx <> wrote:
>> Submitting data works ok: if I enter 1/9/2005 in the entry field, the 
>> DB ends up with 1/9/2005, 0:00h. So the MyFaces DateTimeConverter 
>> converts ok. So far so good. Data that comes from the DB creates a 
>> java.util.Date that is 1/9/2005, 0:00h. Ok. When I show it with JSP 
>> EL, I see 1/9/2005. Ok. When I show that Date with JSF however, it 
>> shows 31/8/2005 23:00h! When I add timeZone="GMT+2", it renders 
>> 1/9/2005. We are in Belgium, daylight saving time is active, and we 
>> are in GMT+1.
>> At least, this is inconsistent behavior. And frankly, looking at the 
>> code of DateTimeConverter, I don't get it.
>> On Thursday, September 29, 2005, at 05:28PM, Jan Dockx < 
>>> wrote:
>> >I'm getting tired.
>> >
>> >We have this jsf code:
>> >
>> >                1: <h:outputText 
>> value="#{enrollmentH.instance.startDate}" /><br />
>> >                <f:verbatim>2: ${enrollmentH.instance.startDate}<br

>> /></f:verbatim>
>> >                <x:inputText id="startDate"
>> >                             
>> value="#{enrollmentH.instance.startDate}"
>> >                             required="true"
>> >                             size="10"
>> >                             maxlength="10"
>> >                             displayValueOnly="#{not

>> enrollmentH.showFields}"
>> >                             
>> displayValueOnlyStyleClass="#{enrollmentH.viewMode}">
>> >                  <f:convertDateTime pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"
>> >                </x:inputText>
>> >
>> >(ok, it's hacked)
>> >
>> >the enrollmentH.instance.startDate is a java.util.Date, 1 september 
>> 2005.
>> >
>> >What is shown is
>> >
>> >31-aug-2005
>> >2: 2005-09-01
>> >31/08/2005?
>> >
>> >in other words:
>> >
>> >h:outputText rendes 31 august
>> >JSP el renders 1 september
>> >h:inputText renders 31 august
>> >
>> >JSF is one day off!!!
>> >
>> >It's probably our fault. We are using a custom build of the main 
>> trunk, 2005-09-28, 11:00am CET.
>> >What are we missing????
>> >
>> >
Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Dockx

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