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From "Jens Weintraut" <>
Subject TabbedPane Implementation
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:01:09 GMT

after hours of debugging and banging my head against several walls, I think
I found out, why my page doesn't work properly.

As propably known, I have a Tree2 nested in a TabbedPane (on first tab),
which again is nested in a TabbedPane (on second tab). The nodes of the tree
are CommandLinks. They only have to set a parameter and reload (submit) the
page. After reloading you would expect, that the browser shows you the tree,
but it shows the wrong tab.

As I think, this is caused by the changed implementation of TabbedPane. In
1.1.0 the selected tab is saved in an input field (I don't know, how it was
implemented in 1.0.9). The point is that I use CommandLinks in my tree which
use a other form (linkDummyForm) to save params etc. As soon as you click on
one of them, the DummyForm is submitted. The selected index is saved in
another form. The information, which tab is selected, is lost.

Maybe I'm telling bullshit and don't have any idea of what I'm saying. Or
I'm right, and found a bug.
It would be nice, if someone could verify this.


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