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From Martin Marinschek <>
Subject Re: PreserveDataModel behaviour (2)
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 08:14:30 GMT

the preserveDataModel feature was not programmed especially for this
use, I would say. I understand your interest for such a usecase,

Were I've got my problems is that with normal valueBindings for the
dataTable, the model of the backing bean will not be used until the
render response phase, instead the serialized data model will be used
- for me this means that you will need to use the serialized data
model in your backing bean as well.

Why do you need to use your original model?

can't you say ((UIData) ev.getParent().getParent()).getDataModel()?



On 9/15/05, Enrique Medina <> wrote:
> Hi again,
>  I have investigated another interesting behaviour about using
> PreserveDataModel, which makes my application crash (due to the way I'm
> working with data tables). Let me explain it to you in a straight-forward
> manner.
>  Currently, I use a session scoped bean to work with my objects (e.g. one
> bean to work with customer objects, one bean to work with the users, etc),
> due to the fact that I don't want to loose state between requests (yes, I
> know it could have been done using <t:saveState>...). So within all my
> session beans, I have defined a ListDataModel variable that holds the data
> model that is presented to the view every time the view is rendered (nothing
> strange here, I guess).
>  From my views (JSP), I simply use:
>  <t:dataTable ......
> value="#{sessionScopedWhateverBean.listOfObjectsAsListDataModel}"
> ....>
>  So whenever the view is rendered, the method "public DataModel
> getListOfObjectsAsListDataModel()" in my session scoped
> bean is invoked. Obviously, the first time it will be created, and the
> subsequent calls simply will return the existing object. Everything's fine
> here.
>  The problem comes when using PreserveDataModel because, as explained in the
> wiki I posted about working with PreserveDataModel, every object in my
> listOfObjectsAsListDataModel is added to a new ArrayList belonging to a new
> _SerializedDataModel object, which is the object being really serialized
> when saving the state by the JspStateManagerImpl. And why is it the problem?
> Think about the future restoring phase...
>  When a link is clicked inside the data table to work with a particular
> object, the event created as a consequence of the "clicked link" has the
> information about the exact row which has been clicked (specifically in its
> rowIndex attribute). Following, the state is restored, and the previously
> serialized data model (as a _SerializedDataModel object) is used to set the
> information about the "clicked row". What does this mean? It's as simple as
> this: the "clicked row" information is set on the restored object, so it is
> really set on the _SerializedDataModel object (nothing to be with our
> original ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel object).
>  When afterwards the broadcast calls our action method (the one associated
> with the link in the data table through usually an HtmlCommandLink tag), our
> session scoped bean has the original ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel object
> that was used to create the _SerializedDataModel object when saving the
> state. But with a definitive difference: the rowIndex from the event was set
> on the _SerializedDataModel object, not the one we have here now, i.e. our
> ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel object. And due to the fact that our
> ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel was used to create the _SerializedDataModel
> object, now it has its internal rowIndex attribute set to the last row plus
> one (obviously, as the saveState method iterates through the
> ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel list of objects to populate the
> _SerializedDataModel list of objects).
>  At the end, the result is a call to setRowIndex(last row + 1), which
> obviously does not exist, so a "IllegalArgumentException: row is
> unavailable" is thrown. On the other hand, if I don't use preserveDataModel,
> everything works perfectly, as the ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel object is
> the one used to save the state (not the _SerializedDataModel).
>  IMHO, the solution will be as simple as updating my
> ListOfObjectsAsListDataModel object with the _SerializedDataModel object
> when restoring the state. But I would like to hear the MyFaces' team experts
> about this possibility before going deeper into the code.
>  Is it feasible? Is it possible to work with the preserveDataModel together
> with a DataModel inside my bean and the getRowData() method? Is the use od
> preserveDataModel incompatible with using the getRowData() method inside my
> bean?
>  Looking forward to hearing your comments :-)

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