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From Julián García <>
Subject Re: dataTable and hibernate
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 20:38:18 GMT
I would recommend not to use your bussines objects (hibernate POJO's) as
backing beans. Use another bean that takes the properties from the POJO
using a builder object. You would probably need to include other
view-specific methods in your bean (listeners, etc) and thus using the
same bussines objects is not a good approach.


::SammyRulez:: wrote:

>Hi all
>I'm trying to popolate a dataTable with a collection property managed
>by Hibernate
> <h:dataTable var="rowUser" value="#{}" >
>                <h:column>
>                    <f:facet name="header">
>                        <h:outputText value="User name"/>
>                    </f:facet>
>                    <h:outputText value="#{rowUser.username}"/>
>                </h:column>
>            </h:dataTable>
>at first it gave me an error saying that it cannot retrive "username
>property" so i change to this
>  <h:outputText value="#{rowUser.class}"/>
>and surprise: the var obj is a org.hibernate.collection.PersistentSet
>!!! I fear that myfaces do not recognize PersistentSet  as a
>collection or suitable vallue for the datatable.

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