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From Kevin Liang <>
Subject Re: JSF, Portlets and URLs
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 21:19:09 GMT
I was trying tree2 on Liferay too. But then I realize
myfaces (TOMAHAWK components) are NOT portlet
compliant yet. There are quite a few bugs filed for
that in JIRA. I'm waiting for the team to support
portlet before I can use it. The other problem you'll
run into is ClassCastException as TOMAHWAK expects
HttpRequest only. I hope they are working on it.


--- Henrik Bentel <> wrote:

> Hi
> I have a JSF portlet (running on Liferay) where I'm
> trying to use the tree2
> component.
> It's a very simple tree with only a few nodes. I can
> get this tree
> compoenent to display fine in a regular JSF webapp
> but when
> running as a portlet, it seems that URLs are treated
> very differently.
> So I have something like this:
> <t:tree2 id="clientTree"
> value="#{folderTracker.treeData}" var="node"
> varNodeToggler="t" showRootNode="false">
> <f:facet name="foo-folder">
> <h:panelGroup>
> <f:facet name="expand">
> <t:graphicImage
> value="/images/yellow-folder-open.png"
> rendered="#{t.nodeExpanded}" border="0"/>
> </f:facet>
> ...more stuff
> The problem is that the t:graphicsImage value seems
> to resolve to a
> completely wrong url, and if I change it
> to relative path then the portal pukes.
> Does anyone have a few tips and tricks you want to
> share related to
> combining JSF and portals? Especially on the topics
> of
> URLs/paths?
> thx,
> Henrik

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