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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: Suns RI has been released under CDDL
Date Sat, 27 Aug 2005 16:48:28 GMT
On 8/27/05, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> I hope it will make things easier, I do not know the CDDL but I assume
> it is some kind of LGPL derivate,

Not a good assumption.  CDDL is broadly based on the Mozilla Public
License, and has been approved by the OSI.

> but even if the myfaces people cannot take code directly from it,

If the ASF Board deems the license compatible (on the agenda soon),
that would indeed be possible, as would using code from it (or other
CDDL projects -- this is the same license that Project Glassfish, the
J2EE 1.4 app server, is under).

> at
> least there now is a chance to check out the sources on how the RI does
> instead of having to go over the reverse engineering/blackbox testing way.
> Ideal would be if Sun could warm up to the idea to put the RI into
> something BSDish, sort of using an apache project as RI, just like they
> do it with Tomcat for the JSP/Servlet core of their stuff. That model
> has worked the best for them in the past, and probably would work for
> JSF as well, having one project under the Apache Umbrella being the RI
> and also a good solid codebase where vendors can take over and other
> sideprojects can concentrate on the component sets and extension libs.
> But having it under the CDDL is at least a big improvement over the past
> of having the specs and a close sourced RI.

CDDL *is* open source.  It *can* be used freely (under the license
terms, just ike anything else, but please read it before you make
incorrect assumptions).  It *is* being developed in an open project

For the market as a whole, it just means there will be two open source
impementations of the spec.

> Werner


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