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From Werner Punz <>
Subject JSF success story
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 18:25:52 GMT
Martin Manfred and the others from vienna, know already the app, I 
showed an early beta version to them in Vienna,
I could not show it publicly due to various reasons....

But just for the general public here is a small success story,
I did a JSF app, around the timeframe of the 15th of may til the 15th of 
june (core crunch phase with some maintainance until now)

most of the controls currently hosted on jsf-comp were developed for 
that program due to the "insane" specs I got in last minute, which I 
could not get rid of.

So far so good, since the beginning of june the application has been 
rolled out, it is an intranet app, servicing around 60 users some of 
them working constantly with it, with around 12.000 addresses so far 
hammered in manually.

So far not a single crash, not the slightest memory problem,
a few minor bugfixes in between, and the tomcat runs on conservative 
128mb, with not even spiking the server which is a xeon server to 3% 
from time to time.

The application was programmed against myfaces 1.0.9, running on a 
Tomcat 5.5.9 under JDK 5.0....

I just wanted to share an internal success story, and wanted
to show that myfaces can be used perfectly for real apps...
It scales very well...

The app uses a combination of myfaces, some ajax controls,
some other controls like the client side tabbing pane,
hibernate in the old incarnation, and spring for
supporting classes in the middle tier.
It also used some effects from the library
and from the fat library mapped into jsf tags.

The development time was dramatically reduced by the application of 
xdoclet for standard CRUD masks (which the app consists of around 50%)
and the application of the generated classes to the IOC system of spring
merged into JSF, via the Spring JSF integration library.


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