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From Boris Klug <>
Subject dataTable, dataModel and valueChangeListener
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 06:57:18 GMT

I have the following problem and I dont know how to solve it. I generate 
      a table of links using a <h:dataTable>. These <h:commandLink>s 
come from a DataModel so I can get the clicked row. Another approach 
would be to add an counting int to the link as a parameter - but this 
doesnt matter here.
These links can have parameters (some have, some not) which are 
repesented as an <h:inputText>. The value comes from the DataModel and 
when the user clicks in on the commandLink, the right data row of the 
model is returned and my program gets the right inputText value.
Thats all working.

The problem is that most user type in the parameter and hit return. The 
form gets submitted (there is a submit button in another part of the 
form) but I cant get the data row the user hit return in.

How can I get the data row? Or do I have to setup a form for every row?

Another idea is to put up an valueChangeListener which simulates a click 
on the link but I dont know the id of the link....

Any idea how to solve this? I am using MyFaces 1.0.9m9 - waiting for 
1.0.10 to switch to ;-)

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