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From Mathias Broekelmann <mbroekelm...@PSI.DE>
Subject Re: JSF Specs issue: Custom error message for required fields
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 09:35:03 GMT

This is one of the thinks I donĀ“t like in the spec. IMO this has to be 
changed for the 1.2 release. You should send this mail to They should simple call the validator even if 
the value is empty or null to let the validator choose what happens.


Marc Fonteijn schrieb:
> I'm looking for ways to assign a specific error message for required  
> fields. Setting the javax.faces.component.UIInput.REQUIRED isn't a  
> solution because I want a specific message for different fields.
> I thought of implementing an custom validator (method) and doing my own  
> "required" check instead of using the "required=true" tag. 
> Unfortunately  this is stated in section 3.5.5 in the JSF Specification 
> 1.1:
> "Unless otherwise specified, components with a null local value cause 
> the  validation checking by this Validator to be skipped. If a component 
> should  be required to have a non-null value, a component attribute with 
> the name  required and the value true must be added to the component in 
> order to  enforce this rule."
> My conclusion is that the only way to enable this behaviour whould be 
> to  overwrite the validate method in UIInput in an custom component. You 
> can  see what that leads to, you'd have to make a custom implementation 
> of  every component that extends UIInput.
> Real solutions to this issue:
> - Make the default validation behaviour of UIInput optional in order to 
> be  able to write a custom validator that does the empty/null checking.
> - Implement an additional attribute on UIInput "requiredMessage=....".
> Did I miss an alternative solution?
> Is this a flaw in the specification?
> Marc.

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