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From Johannes Hiemer <>
Subject Datatable and Hibernate query
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 07:18:33 GMT

I am getting into trouble with a bit adavanced hibernate query that I want to show up in a
That is my hibernate query:
	public List getRequests() {
		return getHibernateTemplate()
				.find("from Request request, Customer customer, Employee employee, System system,"
			 + " Systemerror systemerror, Customee customee WHERE request.Rcustomer = customer.Cid"
			 + " AND request.Rscheduler = employee.Eid AND request.Rfieldengineer = employee.Eid "

			 + " AND request.Rtag = system.Sid AND request.Rerror = systemerror.Seid AND" 
			 + " request.Rcustomee = customee.Cid");

And it returns the following structure
@see attached picture.

So I am loading the query just the normal way I always to into a list
	private void populateRequestBean() {
		request = getRequestManager().getRequests();

Now I try to get the values of the list in my datatable as an output. I tried many ways, but
I did not get it till yet.

<x:dataTable id="data" 
			var="request" value="#{listrequestsSpringBean.request}">
				<f:facet name="header">
					<h:outputText value="#{bundle.listrequestsRID}" />
				<h:outputText value="#{request.object.request.rid}" />

Is the way I am doing right or wrong?
Did anyone solve a similiar problem?

I hope anyone can help me.

Thanks a lot

Regards Johannes
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