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From "Thomas Artner" <>
Subject tree state clear/reset
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 13:28:00 GMT

I am using the myfaces tree component. It works well but now I would like to
replace the rootnode after pressing a button in my app.
On pressing the button I do a 
tree = (TreeModel) new Tree_Model(new Long(text));

The Tree_Model(new Long(text)) generates a new TreeModel with a new

That works too - but if there are some nodes expanden before i "replace" the
tree I always get exceptions.

It seems that the "state" (which node is collapsed and which node is
expanded) will be applied to the new tree. And this can't work.

my Question: Where is the "state" saved? How can i "reset" the
tree-component that it forgets which nodes should be collapsed and which
should be expanded?


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