I am using websphere studio site developer 5.1.2 with portal toolkit
It provides the option to create JSR 168 portlet and the IBM specific portlet.
Both supports JSF.
I was able to use JSF within IBM specific portlet. Simple navigation was working fine.
But in JSR 168 portlet, simple navigation using faces-config is not working.
Has anyone tried JSF-JSR 168 portlet and come across this navigation problem?
Cld anyone suggest some solution for solving this problem?
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From: Sunil Tiwari
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Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 12:57 PM
Subject: JSF with JSR 168 Portlet

Hi All,
I am trying to use JSF in JSR 168 portlet. I am not able to navigate from one jsp to another jsp using navigation rules in faces-config.xml
Is it a bug in faces implementation for JSR 168 portlet??
If i dont want to use the navigation rules for navigation then how can I do it?
Can anyone tell me how to navigate without using navigation rules in myfaces?
Thanx a lot in advance.