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From fabio quimbay <>
Subject I cannot load tags of myfaces 1.0.9 (20050711) in Eclipse 3.1 final and JBossIDE-1.5M2-ALL ...
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 20:07:26 GMT
I try to refer me to the tags of myfaces on a JSP page from Eclipse
3.1 final, but I can't. The lines that I include in "index.jsp" are:

 <%@ taglib uri=""; prefix="h"%> 
 <%@ taglib uri=""; prefix="f"%>
 <%@ taglib uri=""; prefix="x"%>

Ctrl + [SPACE] but it does not show any tag to me of <h:..>, <f:..> or
<x:..>. This is the etructure of archives that I am handling:

   |_ WEB-INF/
         |_  lib/
                |_ jstl.jar
                |_ myfaces-api.jar
                |_ myfaces-impl.jar
                |_ standard.jar
                |_ tomahawk.jar
         |_ tlds/
                |_ myfaces_core.tld
                |_ myfaces_ext.tld
                |_ myfaces_html.tld     	 
         |_  taglib.tld
         |_  web.xml
   |_ index.jsp  

In the file "web.xml" or "taglibs.xml"I have put the lines (but doesn't work):
Also, I I have put this lines in "XDoclet Configurations/Web/":

    destDir = src/WEB-INF
      mergeDir = src/WEB-INF
      mergeDir = src/WEB-INF

In log of eclipse I don't see any warning or error. But it doesn't
work either. It wanted to comment that I don't have any problem
deploying or using the application, single desire to know as I can
load tags of myfaces from eclipse in a JSP page. At the moment, I work
with Eclipse 3,1 end, JBossIDE-1.5M2-ALL, JDK-1_5_0_04 and myfaces
1.0.9 (20050711). Thanks, for your help.
fabio quimbay

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