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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Antwort: Re: AjaxPhaseListener
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 20:15:44 GMT wrote:
> A third thought:
> Is it possible with the PhaseListener / java blueprint solution to 
> change the state / use a ajax component within a  UIData component that 
> iterates over its childs and manages their state?
> As far as I know this kind of components emulate a part of the request 
> cycle while iterating. I have no clue, but I worry that we run into some 
> problems there.
I had another thought about some problems which might arise with 
asynchronous requests against the server.

You sometimes have some kind of post rendering do something situation 
which might be connected to a control. Now if you run into an 
asynchronous request which might trigger a rendering, you might get 
sideeffects which are unwanted, there has to be some kind of notificator
which has to be pushed into the request cycle which code which needs 
that kind of information can request so that it can behave according to 
the situation.

Up until now, this was not a problem, because there was one fixed cycle, 
but with ajax it is a completely different issue, because we sort of add 
an extra cycle in certain situations.

This notification stuff can be done easily by pushing a value into the 
request map.
What we probably need is a clearly defined value which can be requested 
in the request map, so that other components can react if there is a 
request out of the normal cycle.

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