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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Building MyFaces in your IDE
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 21:11:16 GMT
Currently adding some eclipse related docs, since I am new to the entire
project build process, I will probably need some additonal time
(currently I have some quirks in the directories the build files expect 
and my root project in eclipse)

I already added the info on how to download the sources via subclipse. 
But I will need more time to figure the entire build process out.

A minor question, I noticed that Martin added some info on how to setup 
a web project from Intellij for MyFaces.

Well Eclipse does not have per se a web plugin, there are some out there 
What I could do, would be to generate a blank working myfaces 1.0.9 
project from my ide (using Exadel and MyEclipse) with all the needed 
libs and dump it somewhere for the others to use.

That would give some with the appropriate plugins, but who do not have 
one of the ides which already support myfaces, a huge headstart..

IS anyone interesting in such a blank project without build files, but 
the correct webapp and source structures?
If yes I can dump it on a server if anyone is interested.
For now I could dump it onto my machine at home and link the wiki, but 
later I would need an upload location.


Werner Punz wrote:
> Martin Marinschek wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I have included a short tutorial on the WIKI which shows how to build
>> MyFaces in the IntelliJ IDE.
>> I know that there are several Eclipse users out there, maybe one of
>> them wants to do such a step-by-step instruction for Eclipse as well,
>> so that people don't have to reinvent the wheel here.
>> regards,
> Hi Martin... I will try it out with Eclipse later this evening, since I 
> am in need for a antless build solution anyway (up until now I just 
> compiled parts of it for debugging purposes), and add
> the entries to the wiki, so expect some content regarding eclipse in 
> there later this evening (day - depending on your timezone)

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