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From Werner Punz <>
Subject component building entity question
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 08:13:07 GMT
Hi, I am not sure if this question is right on the side of the dev list 
or here, I will post it here.

I have been working on some custom components for a while as some in 
here know.
As for the build structure I have one major problem left.

The myfaces people seem to use entity files within their taglib tlds, 
which is an approach I also follow, or at least want to.
I just have one major problem. The entity search path

All works fine as long as the components stay within a component pack,
the entity files are basically referenced from the component pack jar as 
root and all relativ paths work.

The problems however start if you have not done a component pack yet,
the entity files basically are referenced from as root from the servlet 
runner startup dir, which can vary from time to time, while most xml 
editors seem to try to reference them from other paths.
This makes it rather hard to develop tlds with entities, because it is 
either do an ant build every time and roll a component pack and run into 
debugging hell, or live with the errors, hard code the paths if really 
needed and change them for deployment, which is also an idiotic way to 
do this.

Since I am not an expert and have been looking for relevant info on this 
matter for quite a while and I am sure some of the myfaces devs also do 
not use a separate ant build every time but often use the integrated ide 
build systems. How can I set an entity path the way, that it basically 
is accessed the same way outside of a component pack and inside of a 
component pack. Does anyone know?

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