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From "Surrey Hughes" <>
Subject RE: accessing parent nodes in tree2
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 00:05:13 GMT

Truth be told the first thing I did was create my own tree node implementing the TreeNode
interface.  I did this so I could:
 - Add a boolean isValidChild(TreeNode child){} method to enforce business rules regarding
the addition of child nodes.
 - Add a boolean addChild(TreeNode child) {} method to add children and so I could also add
a parent to the child if I wanted to (as I can foresee the need to do that).
 - Made the setChildren() inaccessible so you have to use the addChild method (enforce validation).

It's probably the best option.

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From: []
Sent: Tue 26/07/2005 8:59 AM
Subject: accessing parent nodes in tree2
I'm using #{node.identifier} inside a lot inside of f:param elements .  On 
one page, I need to access #{node.parent.identifier} .

Does anyone have any bright ideas before I subclass TreeNodeBase, add a 
'parent' property and start setting this manually in my backer?

Dennis Byrne

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