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From hicham abassi <>
Subject Question about managed beans
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 09:55:44 GMT

How myfaces handle many managed beans declared as session ?
As we can't manage lifecycle of managed bean, i just want some infos
about internal mecanisms of managed beans lifecycle ?
As managed beans are independent from an action and a view, i don't
know if my session managed beans can drop the memory of my server.
I read some tutorials, and sometimes when you have need to have a bean
available for input and for the success view , you need to declare the
managed bean in session scope.
In struts, for the success view, you just need to put the bean into
the request for the success view. I'm afraid to have too many session
managed beans and they can consume too lot of memory.

Can someone explain me that way please.


PS : Excuse me for my poor english ;)

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