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From Aleksei Valikov <>
Subject Re: Problem with MyFaces in MyEclipse
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:03:08 GMT

> FYI - I posted the steps for this at:
> I_application
> Hope it is clear and correct.  If not, please fix.

Unfortunatelly, this is not complete.
I was trying to use MyFaces components with JSF RI and met a number of 
difficulties apart from configuration.

Many components like HtmlInputDate require (if you want to use pop-ups) 
JavaScript support on the client. Pure JSF RI can't render JavaScript 
add-ons, this is a feature of MyFaces. The same applies to command 
links, for instance in navigation.
JSF RI and MyFaces handle null ids differently (MyFaces does it better).

So it's not that easy to use MyFaces components on JSF RI. Finally, 
since I wanted to use the MyFaces component palette, my decision was to 
switch to MyFaces from JSF RI. Also had a couple of problems while 
porting, but they are all solveable.


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