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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Google Open Source
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 18:06:24 GMT
Martin Marinschek wrote:
> Hey guys & girls,
> have you read about that Google Summer-of-code initiative
> (
> I have several (exactly 4 students) who would love to take part in
> this initiative, so all we would need to have would be 4 small
> projects they could finish in 3 months work.
> The good thing: they are all trained (by me ;) in JSF, have worked
> with the framework, have written a small project on their own and that
> all using MyFaces!
> What do you say? Is there anything we would definitely want to have done?
> I have already added a project:
> - implementing the architecture for AJAX-based components, this one
> would be important and certainly worth a shot
> Other suggestions:
> - Implementing PRETTY_HTML for all renderers, and getting the html to
> be "more" valid than today
> - Writing server-side-sort/client-side sort implementations for
> dataTable and dataList
> - Implementing changes for JSF1.2
> What about your suggestions? Would you be interested in mentoring?
> Projects can be added at:
An in my opinion interesting thing would be some kind of scope controls.
(Have been carrying the idea for a while now but no time to look into it)
It is somewhat redundant to what Clanhan does in Shale with the dialog 
system, but nevertheless, the idea is following.
You currently have only a session and a request and application scope.

The idea would be to have some kind of special tag, <x:scope 
scopeName="<scopename>" value="<some storage bean>"/>
which marks a scope, as long as you run into pages which have this 
scope, the bean which is stored is not garbage collected, it is kept in 
ram, as soon as you run out of the scope it is dumped into the garbage 

That way you could save the serialization vial x:saveState and you dont 
have to session or traverse every data you have to move between forms 
and formstates all the time.
Shale has something very similar, but more complex, which also 
interweaves stacked scopes and page flow, but in many cases you dont 
want to tackle another framework and xml syntax.

How about this for a suggestion?

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