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From Pierpaolo Follia <>
Subject Re: Myfaces and tiles for submit
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 14:51:18 GMT
 From here is quite difficult to solve your problem. I'll try.
What are you actually doing in the method 
Have you defined the right navigation case in the faces-config file?
While debugging the application are all events fired? Are the action and 
the actionlistener invoked?


Pierpaolo (with a final O :-) )

Johannes Hiemer wrote:

>Hi Pierpaola,
>I tried your tip, but I got the same result as before, it seems to be that I get a post-event,
but instead of firing the validation error task, it just blanks out the input fields. In firefox,
if I use a javascript-debugging-console, I get an error:
>Fehler: f has no properties
>Quelldatei: http://localhost:8080/ITecon%20Dell%20Call%20System/sparepart.jspx
>Zeile: 556
>Going to this line there is actually no method to see. Do I have special navigation-settings
in my faces-config or anything in this direction? Are there any special lines that need to
be added to my web.xml file?
>Thanks lot for your help.
>Regards Johannes Hiemer
>P.S. Sorry about my last post. I am just a bit frustrated, had a short night and a lot
work todo. I hope you can forgive. Sorry again.
>>"MyFaces Discussion" <> schrieb am 16.06.05 13:29:24:
>>Hi Johannes,
>>I saw your post about tiles: I think your problem is that in your tile 
>>page (sparepart.jsp) you have another <f:view> tag. You should have only 
>>a f:view in your template page. Use a subview instead.
>>Johannes Hiemer wrote:
>>I posted a similiar question a bit earlyer but no one responded to it. In the archive
I saw posts with the same scenarios, but no one replied to it. What I would tend to say, is
that the myfaces-tiles implementation is useless because you can't use forms with it. Did
anyone here get the myfaces-tiles combination working? If someone gained experience with it,
please share it with us.
>>Thanks a lot.
>>Johannes Hiemer
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