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From Sean Radford <>
Subject Re: [tree2] Who is using the isLeaf method? Should we deprecate this method?
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 18:31:04 GMT
Jon Travis wrote:

> Seems like in the very dynamic case, where you are only
> generating part of the tree at a time, that isLeaf might
> be useful.  You might not know how many children you
> have without doing an expensive operation, but you might
> know that you are not a leaf.
And I will be doing it as such in a new app in a few weeks time...

> isLeaf() isn't even used.  Making it the exclusive way
> to determine if there is an expansion button beside it
> seems like a better API.
> -- Jon
> On Apr 27, 2005, at 9:04 AM, Sean Schofield wrote:
>> Sureshbabu pointed out something interesting in an earlier post.  The
>> TreeBacker class has the boolean values for leaf reversed.  So all of
>> the branch nodes have setLeaf(true) and visa versa.
>> I will fix this in CVS now, but there is another interesting point
>> here.  It doesn't matter to any of the simple examples!  This is
>> because the getType method is used to determine the facet (and hence
>> what type of icon to use).  The navigation icons (the plus/minus
>> icons) are determined by the child count.
>> IMO the getChildCount method and the getType methods could cover
>> pretty much every scenario that you would need isLeaf for.  I have
>> opened a JIRA issue (MYFACES-215) to suggest we deprecate the is Leaf
>> method (and eventually eliminate it.)  Please add comments there if
>> you have feelings on this one way or another.
>> sean

Dr. Sean Radford, MBBS, MSc 

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