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From Duong BaTien <>
Subject Re: Tree2 extension
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:51:12 GMT
Hello Sean and the very active List:

First, thanks for the latest examples and a nice tree2 demo. I looked at 
tree2 source code and decided to leverage available codes of tree2 for 
tree rendering while using actionListener and action of the configurable 
commandLink to wire user selected node to backend processing.

For that purpose, i (1) have my own implementation of TreeNodeBase so i 
can have other properties as required. (2) access the HtmlTree and call 
toggleExpanded() to transmit user selected node to tree2 before doing my 
own backend processing under commandLink actionListener. Things work as 
expected thanks to Sean effort :-). However, there are some issues that 
i look for suggestions/solutions:

1) In the example, the commandLink wraps over the folder graphic and the 
node description while the nav-plus and nav-minux are handled by the 
tree2. The result is that a click on nav-plus and nav-minus on my 
implementation does not do anything. I look at the example of the 
server-side tree, nav-plus and nav-minus do response. So, i prabably 
miss something from tree2 htmlTree besides the toggleExpanded(). Any 
other setting and/or method i need to activate from htmlTree when user 
selects a node? (i enclose my tree2 setting for your reference).

2) Is there any way to just display the level below the root and NOT to 
display the root as default display? This will save user 1 click and 
premium space on a web page.

3) Currently, the harcodes the treeData. Is there any 
thought (1) to use IoC configuration to set the treeData content for the 
default and (2) the content will be updated from the database and make 
tree2 immediately responses to the new content?



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