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From Aaron Bartell <>
Subject Re: extra row in a datatable
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 13:37:38 GMT
If this record of a different type is always the last one then it 
doesn't necessarily need to be part of the Collection, but could instead 
be a non-Collection property of your backing bean and you could use the 
footer facet of the datatable to display it.

Aaron Bartell

Srikanth Madarapu wrote:

>  I have a <x:datatable> with a ListDataModel. The list data model has objects of
type say "X". I would like to add an additional row to the table, at the end, after all the
objects in the list are rendered. I cannot add that additional row to the list because the
additional row comes from a different object type "Y". Sounds weird, but is that possible
? If yes how ?
>The datatable has two columns, first is a String and the second is a boolean (check box).
In the last row I need to have String in the first column and a drop down list (SelectOneListBox)
in the second column.
>Thanks in advance.
>-Srikanth Madarapu

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