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From "Helmut Denk" <>
Subject panelgrid-layout-problem
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 17:47:31 GMT

i'm a little bit trapped in the panelgrid-
layout-problem. because i can not and do not
use jsp, i have to build my form-layout 
programmatically. but how can i get a proper
layout with a colspan ? 

i think one thing, that could be very helpful 
for me, would be a specialized PanelGrid that can be
build by a PanelGridBuilder parameterized  
by a layout.
similar to what the forms-libary by karsten
letzsch ( does for swing-panels. 
but simpler, cut back to the possibilities of a 

here an example:

FormLayout layout = new FormLayout(...); 

DefaultFormBuilder builder = new DefaultFormBuilder(layout);
builder.append(“Identifier”, idField, 2); //spans 2 main-columns
builder.append(“PTI [kW]”, ptiField);
builder.append(“Power [kW]”, powerField);
builder.append(“len [mm]”, lenField);
builder.append(“da [mm]”, daField);
builder.append(“di [mm]”, diField);
builder.append(“da2 [mm]”, da2Field);

ExtendedPanelGrid panelGrid = builder.getPanelGrid();

how about that kind of thing ? any other
sugestions ?

regards fanny

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