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From Matt Raible <>
Subject Re: MyFaces JSF-Blank Application
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 17:38:10 GMT
I designed Equinox as a more robust version of struts-blank for all the 
popular Java web frameworks.  It currently supports Spring, Struts, JSF 
(MyFaces 1.0.7), Tapestry and WebWork.  The data layer support includes 
Hibernate, iBATIS, JDO,  Spring JDBC and OJB.

I can whip up and send you a pre-built version of JSF with one of the 
above persistence frameworks if you like.

Hope this helps,


On Feb 16, 2005, at 9:55 AM, wrote:

> I have no idea whether anyone is getting these emails or not, but here 
> goes one more time:
> Does anyone have a working 1.0.8 MyFaces-blank application similar to 
> the struts-blank?  I am having no success with getting a simple app up 
> and running on Tomcat 5.0.28, and I think most of my problems are with 
> the web.xml.
> If not and anyone cares, I can provide my very simple app and errors 
> aplenty.
> Also, what's with the mailing list archives?
> Thanks

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