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From Michał Małecki <>
Subject x:panelNavigation bugs and problems
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 15:11:24 GMT
I am struggling recently with x:panelNavigation component. I hope you 
could help me some way.
First - I think there is bug with rendering onClick event - when I set 
explicitly its value 
id + "'; 
I got two onClick events = one with the specified instructions + all 
myfaces magic, and second with only my instructions.
Now my problem - I am trying to pass data, connected to clicked 
x:commandNavigation (they are generated dynamically). I add to each 
x:commandNavigation the following js
document.forms['menuForm'].elements['menuForm:categoryID'].value='"+ id +"';
I have in the form also inputHidden with id categoryID. Unfortunately 
when I click commandNavigation everything works fine, except the data 
from inputHidden is not passed to appropriate bean property. I am sure 
that js is fine (I checked it with alert). I feel that something is 
wrong with submitting form by the s of commandNavigation.
Do you have any ideas/solutions?
Michał Małecki
ps do you think that it would be valuable addition to allow 
commandNavigation to generate multiple links, similar to DataTable? It 
would be more comfortable, than way I am doing it now (in actionListener 
using binding I add children to the commandNavigation)

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