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Subject RE: Parent is null ?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 19:15:57 GMT

	Yes, we are using do you change the logging level ?

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De : Heath Borders [] 
Envoyé : jeudi 2 décembre 2004 14:12
À : MyFaces Discussion
Objet : Re: Parent is null ?

The reason for "parent is null?" is due to the JSP and JSF hierarchies
getting out of synch because of an exception.  If you're using Tiles or some
other way to dynamically include content, the error will not propagate all
the way out to yoru main page.

The way we have resolved the problem is to turn up logging to debug. 
This allows Tiles to spit out the proper stack trace (but won't prevent
"parent is null?").  Of course, this could mean that you spit out a lot more
logging, so another possibility would be to change Tiles so that it prints
the exception stacktrace at a higher logging level, and then recompile.

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 13:59:54 -0500,
<> wrote:
> We will be releasing our first JSF application to clients for testing 
> soon, and I am worried about the ubiquitous "parent is null" message 
> (aka:
> javax.faces.FacesException: parent is null?).
> This exception, sometimes, appears to mask the real culprit. For 
> instance, I had a NullPointerException in a custom converter, but it 
> took me a long time to find because the only thing that showed up in 
> the log was the "parent is null" message with an innacurate stacktrace 
> (I never saw my converter in the stack).
> This has happened with ClassNotFoundException's as well...The only way 
> to track what is really going on when this exception is thrown is with 
> a debugger....something we will not have when we will be deploying to 
> a testing environment.
> Also, this exception and message get thrown in many other contexts 
> that mask all kinds of other errors.
> Are we the only ones stumped by this catch-all exception ?
> Can additional info be printed along with this message ?
> Is it because we are not implementing correct error handling ?
> BTW: We are really confident about using myfaces in production, as I 
> have been following the project for months
>          and see the great work so many have contributed. My only real 
> concern is that we get a fatal error on a production server
>          somewhere and that all I see in the log is
> "javax.faces.FacesException: parent is null?".
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark

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