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From "Béres Gábor" <>
Subject using x:tree
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:44:44 GMT
i'm playing with <x:tree/>, and have some proplems.
i can build the tree, here is the code:
 /* leagues is a list(fetched with an orm tool), contains several league
which is a self made object.
 each league has a list of Level object called levels*/
Iterator it = leagues.iterator(); 
                        while(it.hasNext()) {
                                   League league = (League);
                                   DefaultMutableTreeNode node = new
                                   List levels = league.getLevels();
                                   Iterator it2 = levels.iterator();
                                   while(it2.hasNext()) {
                                               Level level =
FacesUtils.getServletContext().setAttribute("treeModel", new
what i want to do is when a user click on a leaf node(a level), i want
to catch the league and level id of that node, so a could register the
choose to database.
i've already implemented TreeSelectionListener, but have no idea what to
do after: 
DefaultMutableTreeNode selectNode = (DefaultMutableTreeNode)
and also how to register the id's on tree.
thanks for any help.

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