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From "AUGE Frédéric GC EUR" <>
Subject RE: Problems with client side state saving
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 16:46:30 GMT

Concerning 2.
commandLinks nested within a dataTable works for me, and I don't need a form
for every rows.
rowIndexVar works, your problem is that you can't assign dynamics ids. So,
<h:form id="#{i}">... can't work.


  -----Message d'origine-----
  De : Arinaya []
  Envoye : jeudi 18 novembre 2004 16:35
  A : 'MyFaces Discussion'
  Objet : Problems with client side state saving

  Hi all,

  I have two fairly serious problems with client side state saving right

  1. inputCalendar does not work when renderAsPopup=true. It gives an error
about duplicate component IDs (I assume MyFaces assigns the same ID to the
input field and the associated button).

  2. commandLinks nested within a dataTable -- each link is enclosed in an
h:form, one per row. This causes an error,
"'' is null or not an object", where "id22"
corresponds to the h:form(s). I assume then that I need to explicitly
declare a unique id for each of the forms. I tried using rowIndexVar on the
datatable, and it does not work.

  ... rowIndexVar = "i" ...

  <h:form id="#{i}">...

  java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: #{i}

  Am I doing something wrong?

  Neither of these problems are an issue when state is saved on the server,
however this is not an option for me as I need the browser back button to
work as expected.

  Is the issue with inputCalendar known? Has anyone worked around it?

  Thanks for all your help guys.


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