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From "Paul Nicolucci" <>
Subject MyFaces 2.3.4 Announce rejected / infra issue
Date Sat, 25 May 2019 15:51:23 GMT

Hi folks,

If you're wondering why you did not see the official
mail it is because it was rejected for the following reasons that I'm
working to correct:

1) Missing new lines between commands in the "Verifying signatures" section
of the download page here:
	- I have corrected this here:
	- Note this wasn't specific to the 2.3.4 release it has been like
this for awhile.

2) Mention of MD5 when we supply SHA512 checksums in our new releases /
KEYs, signatures and checksum links should be https rather than http.
	- I have corrected this here:
 basically adding some words around md5 or sha512 etc 	to avoid
confusion in the future.
	- Note this wasn't specific to the 2.3.4 release it has been like
this for awhile.

3) The moderator for announcements stated they could not see any of the
2.3.4 updates on the download page. I was eventually able to sometimes
reproduce this and tracked it down to an infra issue that I worked with
some folks in slack to get a solution, however today it seems the latest
updates are showing the same sort of problem.

I've opened the following infra ticket today to get a resolution:

** Assistance requested **
Would folks please go to the website: mvn , and
verify the following to give me some extra testing:
	a) Verify that the upper left corner states "Last Published: 24 May
	b) Verify it shows "May 23, 2019 - MyFaces Core 2.3.4 released"
	c) Go to the download page and ensure that each of the 2.3.4 links
(12 of them) function correctly and we don't get any 404s or "not found on
mirror" issues.

If a couple people can help with the testing above it would be great,
please add issues to the INFRA ticket if you find a problem that is

Any comments on the changes I made to the site please let me know and I'll
make requested changes over the weekend. Once all of this is sorted out
I'll resubmit the announce.


Paul Nicolucci

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