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From "Paul Nicolucci" <>
Subject Dev Discussion - JSF 2.3 ResourceVisitOption.TOP_LEVEL_VIEWS_ONLY different between MyFaces and Mojarra
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2017 18:56:21 GMT


I was testing out the ResourceHandler.getViewResources() today and I
noticed that we have quite a behavior different between the two

Take the following application for example:

	- /depth2/index.xhtml
	- index.xhtml
	- test

Mojarra getViewResources( call with ResourceVisitOptions )
	/index.xhtml /depth2/index.xhtml

Mojarra getViewResources ( call without ResourceVisitOptions )
	/index.xhtml /depth2/index.xhtml META-INF/index.xhtml

MyFaces getViewResources( call with ResourceVisitOptions )
	/index.xhtml /depth2/index.xhtml

MyFaces getViewResources( call without ResourceVisitOptions )
	/index.xhtml /test /depth2/index.xhtml

In MyFaces if we use the ResourceVisitOptions then we filter out any views
that don't contain a valid suffix ( in the above case /test ). In addition
MyFaces never returns any views in WEB-INF and META-INF

In Mojarra if we use the ResourceVisitOptions then anything in WEB-INF and
META-INF is not included. In addition Mojarra never returns any views
without a valid suffix.

I think we need a dev discussion to determine if we want to stick with our
current behavior or change it.


Paul Nicolucci

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