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From Thomas Andraschko <>
Subject Re: JSF 2.3 some minor questions regarding jsf.js
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2017 15:06:18 GMT

cool +1!

1) yep, push should be already done

2) the server should already only render real new resources, if it's not
happening, we should fix it on the server side

2017-10-08 16:35 GMT+02:00 Werner Punz <>:

> Am 08.10.17 um 16:17 schrieb Werner Punz:
> Hi I am almost done with my changes however I wanted to clarify some
>> things:
>> the jsf.push part, Leo wants do do that, right? If not then give me
>> notice, it shouldn´t be to hard, the api seems rather straight forward.
>> Secondly I noticed in the spec a special section and dug around in the
>> mailing lists without coming to a decisive conclusion here:
>> If an update element is found in the response with the identifier
>> javax.faces.Resource:
>> <update id="javax.faces.Resource">
>>     <![CDATA[...]]>
>> </update>
>> append any element found in the CDATA contents which is absent in the
>> document to the document's head section.
>> Now up until now the behavior on our side was, that if just a resource
>> element is coming in, it simply was appended.
>> The question here is more along the lines, that who is performing the
>> checks on those elements.
>> The best bet here is probably to diff on the server for the resource
>> appendix, where all the meta info is available, because from a client point
>> of view
>> this is just a big, character blob, which then would have to be pushed
>> into a shadow dom element for browser interepretation.
>> And from that point forward I do not have a 100% precise detection
>> anymore whether a resource is new in the form( some refs might be the same
>> but thats mostly what I have, with embedded CSS or javascript there is no
>> way to detect for equality on my level anymore there always will be some
>> case where it can fail)
>> Ah I just checked the latest api code, the socket stuff seems to be in
> already.
> Nice job.
> Cheers
> Werner

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