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From Thomas Andraschko <>
Subject MyFaces 2.3 Status
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 12:19:03 GMT

i would like to invest more time in the JSF 2.3 branch.
I collected the new features from here:

Features done or in progress:
    CDI alignment
        Injection and EL resolving of JSF artifacts
        Injection in more JSF artifacts
        CDI compatible @ManagedProperty
    Networking / AJAX
        WebSocket integration
        Component Search Expression framework

Features TODO:
    CDI alignment
        Native managed beans annotations deprecated
        System event published after view rendered
    Networking / AJAX
        Ajax method invocation
        Execute javascript from server at completion of AJAX response
        Updating multiple forms via AJAX
    Conversion / Validation
        Class level bean validation
        JDK 8 time support in f:convertDateTime
    Java API
        Support for the Iterable interface in UIData and UIRepeat
        Support for the Map interface in UIData and UIRepeat
        Support for custom types in UIData and UIRepeat
        Default getWrapped method for FacesWrapper implementations
        Freely placeable radio button component
        styleClass attribute on h:column
        rowClass attribute on h:dataTable
        Iteration in UIRepeat without backing model
        Automatic conversion in UISelectMany for Collection
        Importing constants into EL namespace
        Official spec recognition for dynamic component tree manipulation
    Views and Resources
        Basic support for exact mapping (extensionless URLs)
        Obtaining list of all view resources
        Standardised resource rendered tracking
        Resource loading for components dynamically added via ajax
        Generics for ExternalContext#getInitParamterMap
        Generics for Converter and Validator interfaces
        Constants for "jsf.js", "javax.faces" and postback parameters
        Facelets default to non-hot reload in production
        .xhtml added to default mappings

I will create issues in jira and probably start this week with some smaller


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