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From "Hudson (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (TOBAGO-1544) Revise Demo Application for Tobago 3.0
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 09:18:21 GMT


Hudson commented on TOBAGO-1544:

SUCCESS: Integrated in Jenkins build Tobago 3.0.x #549 (See [])
TOBAGO-1544 Demo
* menubar.xhtml in section "Deprecated" created
* links in navigation can now open a new tab
* QUnitTests: test-message is now shown for a failing test
* Section "Editable Sheet" improved
* put sheet-types.xhtml from tobago-example-test in the test section of
* add test for sheet-types.xhtml
[developed by hnoeth] (lofwyr: [])
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/20-component/020-output/60-object/object.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/20-component/040-command/20-buttons/buttons.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/20-component/050-container/40-section/section.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/20-component/070-tab/02-server/tab-server.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/20-component/080-sheet/80-editable/sheet-editable.xhtml
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/35-deprecated/25-menubar
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/35-deprecated/25-menubar/menubar.xhtml
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/40-test/8000-sheet
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/40-test/8000-sheet/10-sheet-types
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/40-test/8000-sheet/10-sheet-types/sheet-types.test.js
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/40-test/8000-sheet/10-sheet-types/sheet-types.xhtml
* (add) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/content/40-test/8000-sheet/sheet.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/error/exception.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/navigation.xhtml
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/main/webapp/tobago-resource/html/standard/standard/property/
* (edit) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-demo/src/test/java/org/apache/myfaces/tobago/example/demo/
* (delete) tobago-3.0.x/tobago-example/tobago-example-test/src/main/webapp/test/sheet/sheet-types.xhtml

> Revise Demo Application for Tobago 3.0
> --------------------------------------
>                 Key: TOBAGO-1544
>                 URL:
>             Project: MyFaces Tobago
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: Demo
>            Reporter: Udo Schnurpfeil
>            Assignee: Henning Noeth
> * Restructure the Menu
> * Describe new featues
> * Revise old features
> *TODO*
> * (/) In some components (<tc:in>, <tc:textarea>, ...), the focus-attribute
doesn't work with prism.
> * (/) Date can changed, even if readonly=true
> * (x) <tc:selectOneChoice> There is no difference between readonly and disabled.
> * (x) <tc:selectOneListbox> <tc:selectManyListbox> There is no difference
between readonly and disabled.
> * (/) If the text of a menuentry doesn't fit in the given space, a newline is added.
It should be ensured, that the start of the second line is under the start of the first line
> * (x) The button of <tc:file> should be highlighted as the button of <tc:date>.
> * (/) <tc:selectBooleanCheckbox> <tc:selectManyCheckbox> The indent between
checkbox and text have to be adjusted.
> * (/) <tc:selectOneRadio> The indent between radio button and text have to be adjusted.
> * (/) <tc:separator> don't show a line, if 'label'-attribute is used.
> * (/) <tc:separator> paddings are displayed differently in Chrome/Firefox
> * (x) <tc:section> It's not possible to display an image (png, jpg, ...) with the
'image'-attribute (font awesome works).
> * (x) <tc:tab> 'disabled'-attribute has no visual effect for the header
> * (x) <tc:tabGroup> 'showNavigationBar' has no effect
> * (/) <tc:suggest> doesn't work
> * (x) <tc:suggest delay="..."> has no effect.
> * (x) Selectable.multiCascade is missing in documentation
> * (x) <tc:file> Ajax doesn't work: TOBAGO-1586
> * (x) <tc:sheet> Headers doesn't always fit to the columns
> * (x) <tc:sheet> Multi-Header doesn't work
> * (x) Header above <tc:columnEvent> not fit correctly.
> * (x) <tc:column sortable="true"> An icon should be placed on the header, if column
is sortable.
> * (x) <tc:link><tc:button> attribute 'resource' doesn't work, if the target
begins with "faces/content/...".
> * (x) <tc:treeIcon> Describe the suffixes "-leaf" and "-open" in the tag library
> * (x) <tc:file> no visual difference between 'plain', readonly and disabled
> * (x) <tc:link> rightclick -> newTab doesn't work
> * (x) The width of a <tc:in>-label is smaller if the <tc:in> contain a <tc:suggest>
> * (x) The width of <tc:file>-label is smaller as other inputfields like <tc:in>
> * (x) If placing a <tc:box> within a <tc:popup>, there is some space between
the bottom border of the box and of the popup which should be removed.
> * (x) If placing a RadioGroup within a <tc:in><f:facet name="before">, the
whole background of the RadioGroup turns grey. But only the selected option should turn grey.
> * (x) Within <tc:buttons> dropdownbuttons are bigger in height than normal buttons.
> * (x) The width of a <tc:in label="..."> with <f:facet name="after"> is too
big. When removing the label-attribute or the facet, it works as intendet.
> * (/) If <tc:flexLayout rows="..."> contain <tc:button> tags, only the first
button is on the right place. The other buttons after the first one have an incorrect margin
on the left side (~8px).
> * (x) Better solution for vertically orientated buttons in FlexLayout and selectManyShuttle.
Currently the margin-left must be overwritten. See tobago.css line 119 and 436.
> * (x) A <tc:tabChangeListener> within a <tc:tabGroup> doesn't fire an event
for the first <tc:tab>. On other tabs, events are fired as expected.
> * (x) <tc:message> can only be rendered via <f:ajax render="..."/> if a message
> * (x) http://localhost:8080/faces/content/20-component/090-tree/01-select/tree-select.xhtml
use single select: ajax will not update the output field at the bottom

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