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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: Request for comments on Myfaces project statuses
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2015 02:27:34 GMT

These are my personal comments:

2015-10-05 13:05 GMT-05:00 Mike Kienenberger <>:

> I'm in the process of compiling the Myfaces board report for October.
> Would anyone care to comment on the activity and health of the
> following subprojects?  I've already written something up for
> Trinidad, Tobago, and PortletBridge, which I've posted at the bottom,
> but we can revise those if necessary.
> JSF Implementation:
>  - Apache Myfaces Core is ...
I think the project is healthy, but we are on a maintenance stage, which
means the activity is reduced, because there are less and less issues
to be solved. A release could be done soon.

> UI-Component Sets:
> - Myfaces Tomahawk is ...
No activity on this part. The reason is over the time, many features and
ideas of  Tomahawk were included into jsf spec, which at the end looks
better, but reduce the need of the specific hacks that Tomahawk provides,
even more with jsf 2.2 html5, composite components and, passthrough
attributes. There are some components that are still useful.

Add-ons and Extensions:
>  - Apache MyFaces CODI is ...

As we all know Apache MyFaces CODI is on maintenance stage too,
because it was replaced by DeltaSpike, so the new development is
happening there, which at the end looks better.

>  - Apache MyFaces Orchestra is ...

Few activity because for new projects it is better to use CDI and

>  - Apache MyFaces Test is ...

There is activity on this part, because it is a fundamental component for
MyFaces Core.

>  - Apache MyFaces Commons is ...

This project just provide some small utilities.

>  - Apache MyFaces Sandbox is ...

No activity on this part, because it takes a lot of effort to build
another component library, given the good quality options
provided by other jsf libraries. In practice JSF components that
relies on some kind of javascript are not 100% reliable across
different JSF component libraries, which makes really hard to
build components, usually because javascript libraries conflict
between each other and because there is not an standard
javascript loader for JSF.


Leonardo Uribe

> UI-Component Sets:
>  - Apache Tobago is healthy and active.
>  - Apache Trinidad had three maintenance commits by two different new
> contributors this quarter, which was encouraged by having issue
> reporters submit fixes for their own issues.  There may still be life
> in this project.
> Add-ons and Extensions:
>  - Apache MyFaces Portlet Bridge is dead.  Last developer commit was
> Jan 2014.  We added a contributor who indicated interest in the
> project in May, but no activity has been forthcoming.  We will
> probably need assistance in moving this project to the attic.

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