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From Thomas Andraschko <>
Subject Performance improvements / Allow disabling of Managed Bean / Further step to CDI
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2015 09:01:30 GMT

the last days i've tried to optimize the startup of our dev environment.
The first thing i found to optimize, is to move the annotation scanning to
CDI and also disable the JSF Managed Bean handling.
We could introduce a new flag (o.a.m.DISABLE_MANAGED_BEAN_SUPPORT) to
disable Managed Beans and we could improve our performance in 3 parts of

1) Startup

I already implemented a AnnotationProvider for CDI:

Average starup time in ms (10 tries):

OWB Startup with the new scanning Extension:  3465ms
OWB Startup without the Extension:                  3422ms

MyFaces with default scanning:                         3109ms
MyFaces with CDI scanning:                             2294ms

Average Performance improvement on startup: 772ms

2) Disable PreDestroy handling on Managed beans

3) Skip registering of the ManagedBeanResolver

I would take care of it for trunk if there are no objections.


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